Protecting Your Small Business

management, renewal, and consolidation of IT services

Network Support

We offer a wide-range of networking assistance including Firewall/Switch installation and VPN configuration.  We specialize in Cisco, Meraki, and HP but can assist you with just about any type of gear.

WiFi Solutions

You wouldn’t plan for your home or business to only have electricity available on half of the building.  So why do we do that with our WiFi? We offer free WiFi analysis and can recommend an effective solution to provide area-wide coverage!

Digital Management

We provide business class email solutions, DNS hosting/management, and domain name registration services.  Office 365, Threat Management and other related software are also available.  Website services are available through our partner, Shepherds Loft.

Why choose MBTPro?

  • Set yourself free from those time consuming technology tasks that you have been avoiding
  • Worry free tech support for North Georgia.
  • Experienced with IT Services since 1997
  • Our mission is to increase business and individual efficiency using technology
  • Documentation, password resets, digital asset management
  • Down to earth explanations

What does MBTpro provide?

  1. We provide local support for Office products
  2. We provide WiFi systems for business and homes
  3. Vast experience with domain name registration and management
  4. Certified Offices products experience
  5. Networking solutions for businesses

What problems does your company need solved?

  • Don’t have ownership of my domain name
  • Need new email accounts
  • WiFi system is slow
  • Need home office or business computers networked
  • Need Office products

MBTPro Services

Microsoft Services

Microsoft Products provide office tools to make running your business easier. There are a wide range of email service options as well as upgrades for Office products. Build your team and business with Office products all managed from the cloud.

  • Acquisition and installation of Microsoft Office Products
  • Migration of emails to Microsoft Office 365
  • Ongoing support
  • Account management for adding new or removing products
  • Bill management

Network Services

MBTpro provides full management of your network installation and configuration. 

  • Speed assessment
  • Computer set up and troubleshooting
  • Network analysis / recommendation
  • Network equipment acquisition
  • Ongoing support for outages
  • Installation and remote monitoring

WiFi Services

MBTpro provides a WiFi coverage solutions that ensures a strong signal throughout your home or office. 

  • Wifi speed assessment for homes and businesses
  • Wifi equipment acquisition
  • Ongoing support for outages / interference detection
  • Installation and remote monitoring
  • No-charge re-installation in case of a warranty replacement occurrence 


Domain Support (Managed IT Services or DM)

Domain names are a great way to brand your business and manage your online assets. MBTpro knows how to manage domain names better than most IT companies. As a partner to Shepherds Loft, we have over a decade of custom records for your domain names. 

  • Migration assistance – it’s great to own but it’s better to possess your domain name.
  • DNS hosting gives you flexibility to host your website, email and domain names with different providers. Though this can be pretty complex MBTpro can optimize your configuration and manage it when updates are needed.
  • Bill management with your registrar

cisco-logo_id15 Firewalls / VPN ASA
Routers / Switches
Meraki / WiFi 

microsoftWindows Server
Exchange / O365


hpdell-logoSwitches HP/Dell