In today’s total up-time market it can be difficult assuring that your employees’ as well as your external resource users’ (such as e-mail and internal IIS/websites) productivity will not decrease or halt such as in the case of an equipment failure or an ISP link failure.

There are many services available to ensure this doesn’t happen to you.  From network load balancing to external DNS fail-over, preventing a loss of connectivity is much simpler and more readily available than ever before.  Internet/VPN failover is as simple as acquiring a 2nd ISP along with the appropriate gear (most organizations already have this capability with existing equipment).  Assuring redundancy for any internal resources that you have or would like to have made accessible externally is also possible.  From Remote Desktop connections to Outlook Web Access functionality, it’s feasible to ensure you and your employees/clients an extensive amount of reliability in gaining and maintaining remote access.

*We can certainly assist you with this, and would happy to consult with you on it today!*

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