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Great email delivery depends on a professional email | MBT Pro

Running a web design business for over twenty years has revealed some things. Over time, the things that were ok, are now quite troublesome because of the advancement in technology and the security required to keep it safe. Let’s compare the free and professional email accounts. I sincerely believe that the advantages of a paid/professional email address are well worth the money.

Free email is great?

It’s true when I had an idea for a new business I just Jumped on the computer and signed up for a free email address. There’s nothing wrong with that right? No.

At first, when you’re starting out, it’s not a big deal. Besides a free email address doesn’t cost anything and if you decide to give up on the business you don’t lose anything.

There are so many things to sign up for like social media platforms, website services, advertisements, goods, and services. So a free email address sounds like a perfect way to keep everything organized. You sign up for a free email account then you check that one email account and everything is there.

It’s so much faster. You just go to your favorite provider click sign up, put in some basic information, and presto you have a new free email address.

So if a free email address is so great then why would anybody do anything more?

Well, that is a rhetorical question indeed. Free email accounts come with limited/unchangeable storage, no support, and poor integration. OK, in case that big word confused you, integration is simply how well it connects to other web services and devices.

First let’s clarify what a professional, branded, matching/vanity email address is. We are talking about the second part of your email address or consider it the ending part. The second or end part of an email address comes after the @ symbol. For example, email@mbtpro.com The second part, mbtpro.com is a professional, branded, email address. which is also known as a vanity URL. You can safely assume that there should be a website located at mbtpro.com and you can reach someone at email@mbtpro.com

Disclaimer: For the sake of this blog post the email address above is fake. You can visit mbtpro.com to schedule an appointment.

Now that we have a good understanding of what matching, professional, branded email addresses let’s begin. we can begin with the branding aspect and work our way into the technical hurdles.

Branded / Vanity Email Address

Every email that you send related to your new business is an opportunity to spread your brand. It is most difficult to measure the value of your brand. However, if people know your email address and that email address matches your website then they also know your website address.

The more people that know your email and website address the more valuable your business becomes. People learn how to communicate with you, where your website is to lookup services, and simply remember who you are.

Branding is a broad term but can have some definitive value aspects like your domain name and email address. Value is great but with an ever-growing Internet and even greater security challenges, it may not be the most important reason to get a professional email address. Sending and receiving emails now become the lifeblood of your business.

The hidden technical part of why your emails fail to be delivered!

Two-step authentication for login has become the norm. Verifying one web system with another is often overlooked but critical for ensuring email delivery. We like to use a service called Sendgrid to ensure email delivery. Now, once a website has been verified with the domain we can trace the email to your inbox. So, we know if it has been delivered or if it got caught in a spam filter along the way.

Most critically, you spend money on a web design or you simply do it yourself but then there are no new email leads in the inbox. There are many reasons why you might not get new leads. In this case, let’s pretend that you get two leads per week. That would equal 1/4 of your business for the month.

Could you do without 1/4 of your leads every other month?

Is there a shipping company that you trust above all others? If your business depended on getting a package to a customer, what company would you use to ship your products?

With a matching, professional, branded email address you can verify an email delivery system with your domain to increase email delivery reliability.

The reason you would want to ensure your email deliverability is to make sure that you don’t miss a lead. Just like two-step authentication, your website form can safely and securely deliver those new leads to your inbox.

To clarify when you are using a free email address you are at the mercy of the provider. You cannot verify your email address with your website. Only by using a matching, branded, professional email address can you verify that email address with your website server. Once the website is verified with your email provider then you have insured reliable email delivery of your website leads.

So do you really want to take that chance of losing a quarter of your business each month?

Email Support

Sometimes the simplest things like forgetting your password and not knowing how to reset it can be the worst feeling. With paid/branded email service you can also get email support. This covers those moments when you just forget what’s going on, like what was your password. Also, what if you need another email box or Office products? Email support is there to handle it for you. And, that’s not something you get with free service.

Email Services

In addition to the standard email delivery, some professional email services come with spam filtering. If that is not good enough and you really want to crack down then there are tougher security and spam filtering that can be applied. We use Proofpoint to really dial in those email accounts. Lastly, with a paid email service you can change the size of your email account, meaning the storage space that you need.

Office Products

Any business needs some basic tools to work with. Whether is a spreadsheet or text editor, your office products can be bundled with your email service. See a full list of Office products.

The solution is a branded email account.

Have you avoided using website forms and missing out on qualifying your customers just because you can’t get the emails from your website into your inbox? Do you continue to answer the phone because you don’t have a website form that delivers your emails?

Buy a professional, branded, matching email address for your website.

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